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Diddls Geburtstagsparty

Four bubble-coloured radio play adventures in Cheesecakeland!

Crazy Holidays

In this summery radio play adventure, Diddl and his friends have the craziest holiday in the world with the Diddl-Daddl-Mobilator built by Professor Bubblebang.

Diddl und die verflixte
Sache mit der Liebe

Diddl has completely lost his cheese-mind! Those butterflies in the mouse's stomach can only mean one thing: Diddl is in love with Diddlina ...

 Diddl und die

In this adventure, Diddl and Diddlina find a secret cave where the three magical cheese stones of legendary mummy king Camembert have been hidden.

Diddl und das

Diddl and his friends experience the miraculous birth of Little Luna, the little moonlight foal, during their holiday on the pony farm ...